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Business Term Loan
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Solves Credit Gap

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1. Register

Complete the application as you go and fill-up your personal information too.

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2. Submission

Submit whatever you think it is necessary for a loan. The more you submit, the higher credit limit will be considered.

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3. Credit Assessment

Our team validates the information and processes the application.

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4. You Are Approved!

Congratulations, your first financing with Kaleklik is approved! Please sign and complete your Facility Agreement.

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5. Disbursement

Funds are transferred into your designated business account within 3 days.


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Capture New Business Opportunities
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Purchase New Equipment
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Hire New Staffs
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Short-term Captial Injection

Looking to undertake new projects, purchase new machinery or hire additional manpower?

We understand the cash flow challenges business may faced today. Regardless of your business size, Kaleklik is committed to keep your business moving forward. 

Additional funds available at low interest rate to take your business to the next level.